Reserving each part of your trip separately

An Alicante car rental is the most convenient way to travel around the Costa Blanca. Nine rental companies operate at the Alicante airport: Altesa, Aruiga, Avis, Centauro, Europa, Euopcar, Hertz, Record and Solmar. Compare deals and availability with several different companies to get the best rate. AL cads

The companies are located just outside the arrival area. They are grouped together and are easy to find when you arrive at the airport. Spend some time getting the feel of the car in the airport before you venture out onto the main roads. Big chief carts

Booking an Alicante Car Rental

Book your car hire before you leave home to be sure you get the best deal on the car you want. Consider reserving a vehicle around the time you book your flight. The summer is the busy season on the Costa Blanca and rentals at this time tend to fill up fast. Also, the earlier you start looking, the better deal you are likely to find. Car buyer minnesota

You can reserve your vehicle directly with the company, through a travel agent or on the internet. In some cases, travel agents offer deals with vacation packages. These packages can include flights, hotel and car rental. Compare the overall cost of packages with the cost of reserving each part of your trip separately.

The internet is a great resource for finding a car rental. In many cases, better deals can be found online. Finding the best price will require you to spend some time researching and comparing deals through each company. Some websites allow you to compare rental companies to find the best price.

Consider where you will pick up and drop off your rental. In many cases, there isn’t a big difference in cost between renting at the airport or in cities, such as Benidorm or Torrevieja. Check the cost of airport rentals or in town rentals. In some cases, it is cheaper to rent in town. In this case, most companies will provide transportation to and from the airport.

Alicante Car Rental Extras

There are certain extras that you may be interested in having with your Alicante car hire. Some may be included in the package, but many are available for an additional charge. Become familiar with the typical extras to get what you want in your rental.

Additional drivers on the car may cost extra. If you won’t be the only person driving the vehicle, ask about this. You may have to pay more. Some companies do include one extra driver. Be sure all drivers are listed on the rental agreement. Each driver must sign papers when the car is picked up.

Infant or child safety seats are the law in Spain. You can rent these with your car. Reserve a seat when you book the vehicle. Otherwise, they may run out of seats. Be sure the seat you reserve is appropriate for the age and weight of your child. You will pay an additional fee for this service.

Another option is to bring your car seat from home. It’s a bit more of a hassle to carry the seat with you. However, you will be sure the seat fits and is comfortable for your child, and you won’t need to pay additional fees. This may be worth the added inconvenience of carrying the seat with you on your trip.

Air conditioning may not be available in all vehicles. If you are renting a car in the summer, you will want air conditioning. It gets very hot in the Alicante area in the summer. Air in the car will make a big difference in comfort.